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Kowalski Customs

Kowalski Customs

Torco products used: Engine:TR-1 25w50 • Diff SGO 75w90

Aug 2012 - New Records at Bonneville  

Drop tank carred hot rod
During Bonneville Speedweek 2012 the Torco supported salt flat race team, Kowalski Customs, set the following records. 138.9 mph in the V4F/GL class. The old record was at 135mph. They also made official 117 mph in the V4F/STR class. The old record was 115 mph in this class. They are already looking forward to Speedweek 2013. Congrats on all your success this last season Kowalski Customs!

hot rods at bonneville
bonneville hot rod
drop tank lakester
lakester at bonneville

About Kowalski Custom  

Kowalski CustomsKowalski CustomsI own a small hot rod shop in Reading Pennsylvania and build lots of cars and vintage motorcycles.The engines run from flathead Model A engines to vintage Hemis, Caddilacs and Indians and Flathead Harley Davidsons. We have been racing at Bonneville since 1988. My dad, Ed Kowalski Sr., and I were best friends and raced all kinds of hotrods and old drag cars. I lost him in 2010 just a week after we set out first record (after trying for 20 years) with our nitro fueled flathead roadster. I am trying to keep the fire lit that my dad started in me and honor his memory. With a huge amount of help from some great friends we were able to get back to Bonneville in 2011 and take two cars dad and I built. We got within 7 miles an hour (running against a record that was set in 1980) with our roadster. And with our lakester ,that was built from a 1949 F-86 sabre jet airplane surplus fuel tank , we were able to set two records. This year ,with huge help from many friends, we are planning to run three cars at speed week as we just finished a 1931 Ford model A with a 1932 Ford 4 cylinder engine in it to run in street roadster class. We just tested it at the Ohio mile speed trials and are making some improvements.

Kowalski Custom
2682 Bernville Rd
Reading, PA 19605

Kowalski Customs
Kowalski Customs
Getting loaded for the Ohio Mile land speed races. Going to test a new prototype ignition. Running a 1932 Ford 4 cyl engine normally aspirated. All your product is in the new red roadster.

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