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Torco products used: Engine: SR-5R 5w30 and 20w50

Drifthing Lexus
May 20, 2014

ORANGE, CA - Round 2 of the Formula Drift 2014 Series at Road Atlanta in Georgia came with wet and rainy track conditions. Driver Kuniaki Takahashi proved that he has the driving experience and skill to drive competitively even in the worst of track conditions. During the first session of qualifying in rainy weather, Takahashi was able to maintain controlled drift and score what would be one of the highest scores posted until the weather cleared up and track conditions became dry for the other competitors. His first qualifying run score would advance into the Top 32 round of competition, ending up in the 12th position overall out of a field of 50+ entries.

In the round of Top 32, Takahashi would face up against Charles Ng in his LS7-V8 supercharged Infiniti G37, and on his lead run would put down a smooth run taking the correct line with a good amount of angle. During, the second chase run, Takahashi-san would follow Charles Ng close and stay right on his bumper, but with some minor corrections to force close proximity, these adjustments would cause some deductions and would end the day of competition.

The A'PEXi Racing crew worked tirelessly to make sure the twin-turbocharged machine was able to get on track during every practice session and competition round to allow Kuniaki Takahashi to gain as much seat time in the Lexus SC430 chassis. With the tight schedule and minimal prep time before Round 3, the team is hard at work preparing the SC430 on the East Coast to progress to the next stage. A nitrous oxide system is being added to the existing twin turbo-charged V8 engine platform to allow Kuniaki Takahashi to be more competitive in what will be anticipated as a fast-track at Homestead Speedway in Miami, Florida.

With Round 2 of the schedule complete, Takahashi-san becoming more acclimated to the machine, and the team moving in the right direction, it is on to the next round. We would like to thank all of our 2014 partners for their continued support as the team gears up and prepares for the upcoming Formula Drift Round 3: Miami Heat event hosted by Homestead Speedway in Miami on May 30-31, 2014.

Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus

September 20, 2013
Patrick Mordaunt & A'PEXi Racing Finish TOP 4!

ORANGE, CA, – Round 6: Texas Motor Speedway was the site of the highest entry speeds on the Formula Drift circuit, reaching speeds upward of 107MPH. The 2013 Diamond Lighting / A'PEXi Lexus SC430 ran reliable and consistent throughout the weekend with the V8 Twin-Turbocharged engine being properly fueled by DeatschWerks fuel injectors and ignited by Ignition Projects IP ignition coil packs. From the first practice lap, Patrick Mordaunt showed consistent and smooth driving, as he would post a score of 83.1 pts., during his first qualifier and out of the 50+ vehicle entries, would be seeded in the 8th position. During the Top 32 round of competition, Mordaunt would be faced off against the Oracle Lighting Dodge Viper driven by Dean Kearney, and would advance after a "One More Time" battle.

The next opponent Patrick Mordaunt would be faced up against was Chelsea Denofa in his 700+ HP BMW, (currently ranked 13th), Patrick would stay consistent, and wins the battle, as Denofa would correct and straighten out of drift during the chase run. This consistency from Patrick would also deem him the victor in the Top 8 round against Vaughn Gittin Jr. in his 800+ HP Ford Mustang (currently ranked 4th) who would also make the same mistakes as did Denofa. The matchup during the Top 4 round would be turn-for-turn versus Matt Field (ranked 7th) in the LS-Supercharged Nissan S14, but would get knocked out to the consolation round due to a slight correction from Patrick right after the initiation corner. In the consolation round, Patrick would drive aggressive and fast against former 2009 champion Chris Forsberg (ranked 2nd) in the Nissan 370Z, but would fall just short of a podium finish, driving too hard and aggressively off course.

Patrick Mordaunt came away with a career personal best finish in fourth place for the event, and his now on pace to also cap off the season with a career best finish within the Top 20 of the series rankings.

***Upcoming events for the A'PEXi Racing Team and Patrick Mordaunt are: 1) Formula Drift Round 7: Final Fight (October 11-12, 2013) – Irwindale Speedway located in Irwindale, California. www.formulad.com

Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus

August 16, 2013
Team A'PEXi Racing & Patrick Mordaunt hit the Pacific Northwest Strong!

ORANGE, CA, – Round 5: Evergreen Speedway known for a long high-speed straight into a section of the 5/8 mile oval bank, longest on the Formula Drift circuit played host to over 12,000 fans in attendance. Team A'PEXi prepped the vehicle with necessary components to maintain the reliable grip required for the fast and aggressive Evergreen course layout with a ClutchMasters 850-Series Twin-Disc clutch and Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 tires keeping the power and traction of the car to the ground. Patrick Mordaunt qualified in the 30th position and looked smooth all weekend and was progressively driving faster and more aggressively as the event went on from the first lap of practice to the Top 32 round of competition. He was faced up against the 3rd qualifier Matt Field in the LS-Supercharged Nissan S14 and was competing turn-for-turn, but was knocked out due to a slight correction on the infield.

The following weekend after the event on July 27, 2013, the Diamond Lighting / A'PEXi Lexus SC430 was displayed front and center at the main entrance of the HIN- Tacoma Dome event where over 5,000 car enthusiasts and show goers were able to view the vehicle first as they walked into the venue.

Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus
Drifthing Lexus

Jul 2, 2013
New Photos
Drifthing Lexus
Drifthing Lexus

May 21, 2013
Patrick Mordaunt on pace for Season Best

ORANGE, CA – Round 2: Road Atlanta is a course that is notorious for downhill high entry speeds and unforgiving harsh vehicle conditions as drivers aggressively pitch the vehicle sideways and full throttle up an elevated hill section of the course. Patrick Mordaunt was in top form throughout the practice sessions, and qualified in the 28th position and was faced against the 2012 Formula Drift Champion, Daigo Saito, in the Top 32 round of competition. After two strong runs, competing against a driver considered to be one of the best, the advantage was not to be his. With five more rounds of competition remaining, Patrick Mordaunt is currently ranked in the 18th position and is on pace for a career best season (14th Series Ranking – 2009).

Team A'PEXi Racing was well prepared with the Twin-Turbo V8 engine of the Lexus SC430. The vehicle ran with flawless reliability throughout the race weekend utilizing Torco Advanced Lubricants SR-5 Engine Oil and RGO Gear Oil for the drive train parts. During the event, the vehicle was also recognized from local media publication S3 Magazine as having the "Best Wheels on Grid," sporting the WedsSport SA-67R wheels.

After the event, the Diamond Lighting / A'PEXi Lexus SC430 was transported to Salem, VA to be parked and displayed in front of the Yokohama Tire Corporation Factory Plant (employs approximately 1,000 employees) building for the entire week of May 13-17, 2013. During this week, Yokohama Tire hosted a Ride and Drive event that involved on average 75 local tire dealers per day that were able to view the Lexus SC430 in person.

***The next stop for the A'PEXi Racing Team and Patrick Mordaunt is Formula Drift Round 3: Invasion, hosted by Palm Beach International Raceway in Palm Beach, Florida on May 31-June 1.

Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus

May 3, 2013
Patrick Mordaunt kicks off the 2013 Season in the TOP 16!

ORANGE, CA – The annual Formula Drift Series season opener, on the famed streets of the Long Beach Grand Prix course, hosted tens of thousands of avid fans and one of the deepest entry lists in Formula Drift's history. Patrick Mordaunt and the A'PEXi Racing team were coming off of a strong finish in 2012 and bringing that momentum into 2013. Utilizing the performance of the Lexus twin-turbocharged V8 engine and Yokohama S. Drive highperformance tires, Patrick Mordaunt piloted the 2013 Diamond Lighting Technology Lexus SC430 in the 22nd qualifying position (out of 60+ entries) and an overall event finish in the 15th position. Following the competition weekend, Patrick Mordaunt was selected to compete in the inaugural Motegi Super Drift Challenge, where he qualified 11th and put on a show for the thousands of fans during the Grand Prix weekend.

During the competition weekend, the team was excited to announce two major partners who have joined the program for 2013, Diamond Lighting Technology and ShipSmart. And with these new partners added to the already extensive list of partners, the team is anticipating a successful 2013 season.

Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus
Drifthing Lexus

Drifthing Lexus

August 6, 2012

ORANGE , Calif. - August 6 2012 - Patrick Mordaunt (#90) and Apex Lexus SC 430 showed up with a new, higher power engine setup at Formula Drift round 5 in Monroe, WA. Mordaunt came in 4th overall during the Friday qualifying, throwing down a nearly flawless run on his second attempt. "With our new power gains and support from sponsors we're able to set the bar during qualifying" said Patrick. "He could have been mistaken for a Seattle local … he looked so comfortable out on the track in his new for 2012 turbocharged V8" said Yoshi Shindo of Motormavens.com

Patrick is also featured in new documentary
by Peter Chaney titled The Life of V8's in Formula Drift

Also watch Patrick run Evergreen speedway in David Sullivan's
video, "A Lap with Patrick Mordaunt // Formula D Seattle"

July 6, 2012

ORANGE , Calif. - July 6, 2012 - Patrick Mordaunt (#90) and Apex Lexus SC 430 ignite a rivalry during Formula D round 4 at Wall Speedway, Wall, NJ. Thursday practice proved successful thanks to alignment settings by R/T Tuning in Lansdale PA. On Friday, under wet and rainy conditions, Patrick put down a score of 71.5 to qualify 24th overall, and set up a top 32 tandem match against Ken Gushi and his new Toyota FRS. Moving on to the Saturday competition, during Ken's lead run the Greddy FR-S created a proximity gap, but Patrick followed with smooth consistent lines in the Apex Lexus SC430. On his lead run Patrick ran a clean run, closely following the prescribed qualifying line, while Ken made several corrections allowing Patrick to create a gap. After lengthy deliberations the judges award Ken the win. Patrick and crew chief Chuck Griffice were recently featured on the "All or Nothing" video from 1Kind Studio that describes the dedication and commitment required to operate a team in Formula Drift.

Drifthing Lexus
Drifthing Lexus

June 8, 2012

ORANGE , Calif. - Patrick Mordaunt (#90) and Apex crew go turbo for Formula D round 3. Apex teamed up with K2 Motorsports to fabricate and test their STAGE ONE turbo set up. The new turbo and engine set up was tested at Willow Springs Raceway before leaving for West Palm Beach for Round 3. "This is the best the Lexus has felt" said Mordaunt. The increased power and torque had the team set for a strong run in Round 3. Unfortunately, the PM Racing transport rig was held up at the Florida state line due to some confusion about transportation permits. The delay caused the team to arrive late to the track and miss the qualifying session. The transport issue has been resolved and the team is really looking forward to showing what the new turbo setup can do in Round 4 at Wall Speedway, Wall, NJ, on June 22-23.

Drifthing Lexus

May 21, 2012
Patrick Mordaunt (#90) and Apex crew travel to Atlanta for second round of Formula Drift.
Thursday practice day was plagued with low engine power cutting Pat's practice time short. Friday qualifying Pat gets top speed initiation points but just miss top 32. "As for the event itself. We didn't qualify for Top 32 which is disappointing as the team has come so far. " Tram Tran
drifting lexus - Patrick Mordaunt

ORANGE , Calif. - April 10, 2012
Patrick Mordaunt (#90) pilots Lexus SC430 into 23 rd qualifying spot (32 spots maximum) against
fifty-six competitors. This marks the largest number of competitor entries in Formula Drift to date. On Friday Patrick landed smooth
and consistent runs during both practice and qualifying. Competition day Patrick Mordaunt ran against Ryan Kado (Nissan Titan Z)
with a perfect lead run along with a solid follow run. Two of the three judges favored Kado follow run … and Kado advanced to top
16. PM racing / APEXi crew displayed solid performance with positive feedback from fans. Next stop … ATLANTA!
drifting lexus

Redondo Beach, CA – based PM Racing and driver Patrick Mordaunt are proud to announce their partnership with APEX Integration for the 2012 Formula Drift season. A'PEXi has always been a leader in high performance components for racers, driving enthusiasts, and has supported PM Racing since the beginning of Patrick Mordaunt's career. "We are thrilled about this collaboration and opportunity to witness the potential of Patrick Mordaunt's progression in his career," said A'PEXi. Mordaunt will drive the recently upgraded A'PEXi Lexus SC430 that previously competed in the 2010 Formula Drift season.
Mordaunt said, "I'm excited to partner with an experienced team like A'PEXi and am looking forward to driving their Lexus SC 430 for the 2012 Formula Drift season".

In addition, to this exciting new partnership is the resurgence of Yokohama Tire back into the Formula Drift Series for 2012. The PM Racing / A'PEXi team has partnered with Yokohama Tire for the 2012 season and is excited to use high performance Yokohama tires with their proven track record for that elusive competitive edge.

The team is supported by Battle Version, Brian Crower, Bride USA, Clutch Masters, Daley Visual, Genius Tools, Lexus, Newport Pacific, Oakley, OS Giken, Seibon, Sparco, StopTech Brakes,
Torco Oil, Weds Sport Wheels, and Yokohama Tire.
About PM Racing
PM Racing competes in the Formula Drift Pro Championship with driver Patrick Mordaunt. He is a 4 year veteran of Formula Drift but still one of the youngest drivers on the circuit at age 21. For more information visit us on the web at www.patrickmordaunt.com
About APEX Integration, Inc.
Founded in Japan in 1992, A'PEXi has grown from just a small tuning parts manufacturer to a multiindustry international powerhouse. 2012 marks the 15th year for A'PEXi USA and the 20th year for the A'PEXi Group of Companies. Growth has come from hard work, research, and the highest commitment to customer service and feedback. For more information visit us on the web at www.apexi-usa.com
drifting lexus
To keep updated on the 2012 PM Racing / A'PEXi season follow us @:



High Resolution Photos

a_pexi lexus
drifting lexus

a_pexi lexus
drifting lexus

a_pexi lexus
drifting lexus

a_pexi lexus


A'PEXi drifting

May 7-8, 2010 • Formula Drift 2010 Series Round 2 • Venue – Road Atlanta

Ryuji Miki and A'PEXi / Hankook Team News

April 2010

A'PEXi update

Spyphotos of Ryuji Miki’s Lexus SC430

lexus SC430 drift car
Lexus SC430

The Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RtjLrJIGyg

Testimonial - Head of R&D, Chuck Griffice, for the Torco sponsored APEX RX7 drift race car driven by Ryuji Miki last season!

I want to thank you for support of the last three seasons (Formula D). The TORCO product has been working out great. With the Mazda RX-7 rotor engine … heat is a major concern and your fluids hold. With the constant shock of ‘clutch kicks’ to drive train … the differentials also hold with stable temperatures (we monitor temperature gauges on the rear pumpkin and transmission). In my opinion drifting has to be one of the top “drive train killers” in motorsports. Why change what works … and TORCO is working!


Formula Drift 2009 Series
Round 4 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Venue - Las Vegas Motor Speedway
July 11, 2009

Ryuji Miki & the A’PEXi / Hankook Tire RX-7 finish on the Podium!

Round 4 of the 2009 Formula Drift Series would be center stage for a weekend jammed pack with aggressive high speed entries, billowing tire smoke, and the excitement of a night event at this hot Las Vegas desert venue.

Ryuji Miki and the A’PEXi / Hankook Tire RX-7 team had been finishing consistently in the Top 16 rounds prior to this event, and had their sights set on higher finishing results. The driver, the machine, and team went through early practice without a hitch, dialing in the settings for the upcoming main event. However, during the tail end of the open practice right before qualifying, the car would come to a halt, mid-track, and was towed back to the pits. Crew chief, Charles Griffice and team mechanic, Darren Masumori worked diligently to change out what was a broken differential, and made the proper repairs in time to send the car out during the 2nd qualifying round. Miki’s experience was a key element in attempting a qualification with 1 run, and was able to qualify in the 22nd position.

A'PEXi RX 7Miki’s road to the podium would be a tough one, as he would run 2 One More Times versus hometown crowd favorite Tommy Suell in the Top 32 round. In the Top 16 round, Miki and the 13B-rotary powered RX-7 would face off against the V-10 powered Dodge Viper of Samuel Hubinette, and would come out with the win, shadowing the speed, angle, and movement of Hubinette. The Great 8 round would be a battle of the rotary engines, up against the 20B 3-rotor powered RX-8 of Bergenholtz Racing, driven by Justin Pawlak. Ryuji Miki’s aggressive driving from entry to finish and staying on the rear bumper of Pawlak would prove to be enough to move onto the semi-finals. In the Best 4 round, Miki would face another V-8 machine, driven by current points leader, Chris Forsberg. He continued to push forward with the aggressive style that he had been known for during his championship season in D1GP series.

Ryyji MikiAs a result, Ryuji Miki and the A’PEXi / Hankook Tire RX-7 would face off with Hankook Tire teammate, Tanner Foust and the V-8 powered Scion tC in the Finals! Miki would follow Foust right up on the rear bumper of the Scion tC, but, took a line that would cover him up in the smoke cloud produced from the Hankook tires, forcing a correction, and a final result in 2nd place. The Hankook Ventus R-S3 Tires with Ryuji Miki’s driving in-sync with the machine, and the efforts from the entire staff of the team proved to be a successful combination, resulting in a podium finish and moving up in the points standings from 25th to 17th position for the 2009 season.

The A’PEXi / Hankook Drift Team looks forward to Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington to repeat the performance in Las Vegas, if not better it by striving for the top of the podium...

APEX Integration Inc. and the A’PEXi / Hankook Tire RX-7 Team would like to thank all of our sponsors: Hankook Tires, Exedy Clutch,
R-Magic, RAYS (Mackin Industries), NGK Spark Plugs, Bride, R.Y.O, Seibon Carbon, and Torco Oil for their support!

Special thanks go out to the crew at Dynamic Autosports, S&A Design, Drive Apparel, Downforce, Hiro’s Auto Repair,
MotorMavens.com, and APEX Co. Ltd. Japan.

APEX Integration Inc. 1449 W. Orange Grove #A Orange, C A 92868 Tel: 714-685-5700 Fax: 714-685-5701 www.apexi-usa.com

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