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Torco Distributors
Location Dealer Name Product Carried Phone Contact Email
AK Redden Marine/VIP. Dist. Power Sport 907-349-8924 Bryon Lopez anchoragesales@reddenmarine.com
AZ Torco Race Fuels Automotive
480-288-9385 Jody Davis info@torcousa.com
AZ TNT Distributing Automotive and Power Sports 602-881-7597 Hal Sanguinetti diggerboi2@gmail.com
CA KRS Distributing Automotive 714-273-4814 Kevin Sanislo krsdist@yahoo.com
CA Southern Motorcycle Supply Power Sport 858-560-5005   
CA Mission Performance Products. Automotive 949-636-8365 Pat Fitzsimons  pat@missionperformanceproducts.com
CA Western Power SportsPower Sport 208-376-8400 Office 
Gamma SalesPower Sport 705-325-3088   
JBT Distributing Power Sport   James Procyshen james.procyshen@mosaicco.com
Sun and Snow Distributing Power Sport 204-857-8960     sunsnow@mts.net
Canada Primac Enterprises Automotive 780-975-8664 Gary Racich primacent@yahoo.ca
Canada Technika Industries Automotive 514-624-3264 Louis Dube louis@technika-ind.com
Trans Can Imports Power Sport 604-278-6224    
FL Viking Torco Automotive and Power Sports 904-471-0097 Bjorne Nielson  
HI Advanced Engine Dynamics Automotive and Power Sports 808-372-5110 Thomas Tunora tanourat001@hawaii.rr.com   
ID Conrad and Bischoff Automotive and Power Sports 208-522-4217 David Elliot davide@conradbischoff.com  
ID Western Power SportsPower Sport 208-376-8400 Office  
IN Mateer Oil Automotive 209-462-4692 Jack Mateer mateeroilinc@comcast.net
IN Western Power SportsPower Sport 208-376-8400 Office  
MA Wurlitzer Racing Products Power Sport 508-428-4358 Geoff Wurlitzer wurlitzerracing@comcast.net
MI Motorstate Distributing Automotive 800-772-2678   info@motorstate.com
MI Silver Seal Products Automotive 800-521-2936    
OH Atech Motorsports Automotive 800-517-1040   customerservice@atechmotorsports.com
OR Performance Northwest Automotive and Power Sports 503-873-3543 Chris chris@performancenorthwest.com
PA Performance Tire Automotive and Power Sports 800-523-2542 Jerry jerry@performancetireinc.com  
PA Western Power SportsPower Sport 208-376-8400 Office  
TN Western Power SportsPower Sport 208-376-8400 Office  
TX Motorsport Sales Automotive 972-644-2533 Francis Ward  

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