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Torco Limited Slip Additive

Product Description

Torco Limited Slip Additives are formulated for use in limited-slip and posi-traction differentials to reduce hypoid gear noise and chatter. The formulation of Torco Limited Slip Additives modify clutch plate friction for applying and releasing clutch plates.


Limited Slip Additive
Friction Modifier
4 oz. bottle

Features & Benefits

• Eliminates gear noise and clutch chatter
• Improves clutch engagement

Typical Uses

limited slip additive type g


Limited Slip Additive TYPE G

Recommended for use GM limited-slip and posi-traction applications only. Treatment level is 2% to 6% by volume.

Limited Slip Additive TYPE F

Limited Slip Additive TYPE F

Recommended for use in Ford, Mazda, Chrysler, Toyota and all other limited-slip and posi-traction applications including late model Pontiac GTO. Not for use in all other GM applications. Treatment level is 2% to 6% by volume.

Meets or Exceeds

Exceeds manufacturers' performance specifications.

Available Sizes

4 fl oz. (118mL)

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