t-2r high performance oil

Product Description

T-2R High Performance 2-Stroke Oil is designed for today’s High Performance Recreational Machines. T-2R’s well-balanced blend of smokeless synthetic and highly refined petroleum base oils provides extra wear protection, “ultra clean” performance, enhanced throttle response and increased horsepower.
T-2R uses an advanced additive system which minimizes spark plug fouling and ring sticking under a full range of RPM and temperature.

Features & Benefits
- Synthetic blend technology
- Advanced smokeless performance
- Improves power efficiency and throttle response
- Provides superior detergency for clean, deposit free operation
- Meets or Exceeds: JASO-FC / ISO-L-EGD
- Available Sizes: 500mL, 5 Gallon Pails, 55 Gallon Drums

T-4MXR 4 stroke racing oil
2 Stroke High Performance Oil
500ml bottle

T-2R 2-stroke High Performace Synthetic Blend Oil Typical Uses


For use in small air cooled and liquid cooled 2-cycle engines: motorcycle, scooter, ATV and other similar applications. Designed for oil injection systems but can also be used in premix applications.

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