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Formula D Las Vegas "All In" from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

RX-8 Drifting

October 23, 2009

JTP/Bergenholtz Racing makes Top 16 show in front of an audience of over 12,000 fans!

Justin Pawlak was not only was able to capture the #1 qualifying position at Formula Drift Finals but also made the big Top 16 show in front of 12,000 screaming fans. The road to the big Top 16 show came with its hurdles. Qualification would be the first hurdle on Friday. Justin Pawlak piloted the Mazda RX8 to an electrifying #1 qualifying position, shining above all drivers in the field with a jaw dropping 96.8 run.


Formula D Round 7 Qualifying


With the #1 qualifier, Justin Pawlak would have to face Calvin Wan and the Falken Tires S15 in the first round for Top 32. Justin had faced Calvin Wan before in Round 3 at Wall, New Jersey and had no problems defeating him.

Nissan Drifting

The roar of the Mazda RX8 3-rotor would foul up Calvin Wan, as the Falken Tires S15 would spin on the big bank following Justin on the first pass. Justin would simply run a safe run on the second pass and follow close to Calvin Wan. "It always feels great to get out of the Top 32 and make the big show. The big Top 16 show is everything because the crowd is so huge and so loud. The fans are always screaming for me and our team. It's the biggest rush." Said Justin Pawlak pilot of the Bergenholtz Racing/Nitto Mazda RX8.

Top 16 festivities would be quite exhilarating and awe-inspiring as Justin Pawlak would be the first one introduced in the Top 16 line-up. The crowd cheered for him and the roar of the Mazda RX8. They cheered even louder as he ran up to the fans and scaled the fence. "The crowd always loves a showman and Justin did just that. His fan following is huge. When he climbed that fence it kind of reminded me when Helio Castoneves and his team climbed the fence when they won the Indy 500. Hopefully Justin and the team can climb that fence to the podium." Said Ron Bergenholtz Team Manager of Bergenholtz Racing.

The Bergenholtz/Nitto Mazda Drift Team would first have to face hard- charging Tyler McQuarrie and the Falken Tires 350Z. This would be quite a challenge for Justin as Tyler has always been known as a very talented driver, especially in road racing. Justin would lead on the first run and Tyler would chase. Justin would run an amazing run and the judges would rule he would be ahead on the first run. Unfortunately, Tyler McQuarrie would jump Justin right out of the gate and establish a lead the Mazda RX8 could not catch up to. The judges would move Tyler McQuarrie into the next round. "The team hung their head down when we were ousted in Top 16 but I reminded them that we qualified number one. We just have to work on more strategies for tandem. Justin has the talent to propel us to the podium. We just got to do more testing and tandem strategies. Nevertheless, we finished 9th in overall Championship Point Standings and Top10. That is an accomplishment in itself." Said Ron Bergenholtz Team Manager of Bergenholtz Racing.

Nissan Vs Mazda Drifting

The Bergenholtz/Nitto Mazda Drift Team finished 9th overall in 2009 Formula Drift Championship Point Standings. Every year has seen an uptick in standings as Bergenholtz Racing the past few years has finished 16th, 10th, and now 9th. "We feel pretty confident going into 2010. The team is not going to rest in the off season and we plan to do lots of testing. Especially with our new partnership with K1, Justin will be training weekly. This will inherently be an advantage for Justin in tandem. We are going to do whatever it takes to podium and ultimately bring a championship to Bergenholtz Racing and its marketing partners." Said Ed Bergenholtz Chief Track Analysis Engineer for Bergenholtz Racing.

2009 Formula D Final Championship Point Standings

2009 Formula D Final Championship Point Standings

All video footage can be viewed with this link:


rx-8 drifting


nissan z drifting
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