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281 Motorsports

281 Motorsports - Placentia, CA


At 281 Motorsports, our business model is pretty simple, we love the tire-shredding, horsepower-craving, adrenaline rush that you get when canyon carving on a nice sunny Southern California day. Whether it is winning a grudge race at Willow Springs Raceway or taking home a first place trophy from a local car show, we know and understand how awesome it feels to win!

Our entire team is comprised of true Mustang enthusiasts that compete in track events and/or car shows on a local to national level. Each one of our team members at 281 was carefully selected for their expertise in an area or genre. Being a pure Mustang enthusiast is a definitive prerequisite.

When it comes to modifying your Late Model Mustang with a fire-breathing Supercharger, road-race-ready suspension, custom audio/video system or a complex paint scheme, we can handle it all. With the highest standards of craftsmanship demanded, we have hand-selected and partnered up with several of the best experts in the industry.

To ensure OEM quality performance installations, one of our newest partners now includes Ken Grody Ford. Their 80,000 sq. ft. installation facility, with over four decades of Performance installation experience, ensures all the necessities of doing the job right the first time.

In closing, you are not just another customer; you are a fellow Mustang Enthusiast. We are not just another shop trying to make a quick buck, we are in it for the friendships and camaraderie.

At 281 Motorsports, building Award Winning Performance Cars is a daily occurrence. We command the presence of a true automotive enthusiast lifestyle.

We make fast look good!


780 South Van Buren Drive
Placentia, CA 92870

Phone: 714-871-3391

Hours: 9AM 5PM Monday Friday

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