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Luis Martinez Racing

Luis Martinez Racing - S14

September, 2011
THE NEW RACE CAR BUILT IS A SUCCESS AND BRAD HETTINGER CREATES A HUGE UPSET AT HOLD THE LINE / PRO-AM It has been a tough road leading to the completion of the new drift car. However, LM Racing always gets the job done, even through adversity. The full story behind the build of the car is currently on Cardomain.com and you can click the logo below to read how this awesome piece of machinery was built.

We had several testing sessions over the past month or so and all of them were very successful. We gathered alot of data from the new setup and we are very confident that we will be a force to be reckon with for the remainder of the 2011 season and the entire 2012 season. The video above shows us testing the vehicle in Hazelton, PA.


Words from LM Racing driver, Brad Hettinger: "Right from the beginning the new car felt great! I was very surprised what little bugs we had to work through to get the vehicle running perfectly. Everyone at the track were impressed by the engine & transmission plant we are running. The LMR team and I went to Hold The Line/ Pro Am very confident that we would make a strong showing or even a podium. During practice, I crashed the front end of the new S14, due to Wilkerson completely stopping in front of me. I pulled back into the pits and the damage looked alot worse then it really was. Luis, Owner of LM Racing was worried that I had damaged the radiator, but everything underneath the hood was fine except for the right wheel tub. The right front fender was bent, the hood was bent, and the front bumper and right headlight were completely broken. I stayed up all night fixing what I could to make it ready for competition the next day. The next day the weather was very chill and cool, which is always good for race cars. I laid down my qualifying runs and made it into the 9th position. The first round I had to tandem with Miro, 2011 DMCC Champion. I led first and put down a pretty solid run. When Miro led I was being very aggressive and ended up hitting him lightly, which made him straighten out, resulting with me taking the win. I was very low on tire tread after this run so we had to do a quick tire/wheel change. We didn't have new tires mounted on our Konig's, for the tire machine was out of order on Sunday, so I had to borrow a set of wheels from Geoff Stoneback (who also runs on Kenda Tires), for the next round. In top 8 I went up against Nick D'elessio. It was to close to call for the judges so it resulted in an OMT (One more time). The second time I faced Nick, it seemed the car wasn't fully producing all its horsepower so I was struggling a little bit to drive up to my full ability. Nick took the win and when I pulled over on the sidelines, the team noticed we were only running on 10 volts. The origin of the problem was a bad alternator.

Luis Martinez Racing has been involved in motorsports professionally since 2001. Our racing backbone started with NHRA Drag Racing (super gas, super stock, & top sportsman) and have ventured into the sport of drifting in 2009. Our objective is to not only win, but also to advance your business in the automotive professional marketplace and to use our experience, skills, and personality to benefit the companies who support our racing program.

More Photos of event here

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