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Bisimoto team

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2012 Bisimoto Honda Civic Si

Bisimoto CRZ in SuperStreet
June 2011
The Bisimoto 533hp Sport Hybrid Honda CR-Z received a feature article in the July issue of SuperStreet magazine. See .PDF here «

Honda CRZ
Dyno Run

2010 SEMA



Article about SEMA an CRZ

Honda Insight


Videos from Bisimoto


16th Mar 2010 Bisimoto wagon in SuperStreet April '10: 700+whp!

From Bisimoto:

We did it! The most recent issue of SuperStreet magazine, April 2010, contains our results of the Bisimoto Engineering 1.6 litre wagon. The article is contained on pages 86 and 87 of the aforementioned issue, and was initially slated as a 2 part series. The article, due to huge popularity, extended 6 issues, and now is slated for one more with clutch and damper updates. SuperStreet is the highest circulating magazine in the sport compact motorsports scene. The digital write-up, with different pictures, is contained in this link:


To exceed our goal, with 23 horses to spare was an amazing feat, that would not have been realized without your support. This year holds more opportunity for exposure, sales and growth, as we have more influential tech articles coming out with record breaking projects. Thanks, a million, for everything, and we, at Bisimoto Engineering, look forward to a prosperous year with you!

pre - 2010




3rd Annual Team Torco Sports & Import Car Show

import dragster

honda dragster

bisimoto dragster

dragster insight

Honda Civic Wagon

Honda Civic Wagon from bisimoto
Speed Hunters Article about The Bisi's Wagon

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