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Midnight Oil Motors - San Diego CA


Midnight Oil Motors is a full service auto repair and performance shop located in the Mira Mar area of San Diego, CA. While their core focus is BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, VAG and Alfa Romeo, the staff has decades of experience working on everything from American muscle cars to the most mundane imports. They can do everything from your basic oil change and maintenance tasks all the way through complex engine repairs; and they pledge to do it all at a reasonable price while providing the highest level of customer service found in the industry. In addition to maintenance and repair, their experience and success in motorsports racing, helps to make Midnight Oil Motors a top choice for your performance upgrades.

Motorsport Services:
At Midnight Oil Motors, motorsports is their passion. From Auto-X to full blown wheel-to-wheel racing, they have been involved in, and highly successful at, all forms of automotive motorsports.

While they have gained most of their notoriety building, maintaining, and supporting several cars competing in the NASA So-Cal Spec E30 racing series, they have built a number of other highly competitive, class and championship winning cars. If it has four wheels and a motor, they can make it go faster.

The following is a small list of things they can do for your competition/track vehicle:
• Engine Building
• Custom Motor Swaps
• Welding and Custom Fabrication
• Roll Cage Fabrication
• Custom Exhaust Fabrication
• Suspension Installation and Alignment
• Corner Balancing
• Custom Electrical Wiring
• Standalone ECU installation
• Fender Rolling Services
• Race Tire Mounting and Balancing
• Brake Upgrades, Installations, and Set-up
• Track-Side Support
• Long-term Storage, Maintenance, and Transportation


9040 Carroll Way Suite 3 San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: 858.271.9944
Fax: 858.271.9946

Hours: 9AM 5PM Monday Friday

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