Mooneyes Bonneville Roadster

Mooneyes Bonneville Roadster

Torco products used: Engine: TR-1R 60

Chico’s Bonneville Speed Week 2011 Report

Mooneyes Bonneville Roadster After a couple of years of struggling with spins (spin out) and (engine) tuning, we were anxious for this year’s Speed Week. The clutch problem we’ve had last year or two is remedied. The motor leakdown showed pretty good and the car was all ready.

Thursday Aug 11th, we left shop at 5:30am pulling vending trailer and car trailer. Going through Vegas is real hassle, but once you jump over to HWY 93, it's nice, but long two lane black top to town of Ely. We made it in good time. From Ely, it's couple of hours drive to Wendover.

We reached the Salt Flats before 5:00pm. We were going to leave trailer for inspection for tomorrow morning, but inspectors were kind enough to get me through tech right then. New for this year is Hans device. I had to do bail out to make sure I can get out of the car with Hans on me. Little struggle, but found the way to do it.

shaft supercharger Friday, since car was already inspected, not much to do other than warm up engine and adjust valves. Race don't start til Saturday.

Saturday morning, 9:00am, driver's meeting. Another record participants and spectators. After driver's meeting we pulled car in staging lane. 1:00pm, first run. Things were going good until motor decided to shut off all by itself at 2-1/4mile. 189.280mph. felt like someone just flipped switch and died. Traced all wires, but didn't find anything.

Sunday, 9:00am, made another run. Same thing. Motor quit at 2mile. Changed all MSD box, coil and everything else we can think of. Made another run at 3:00pm. Still same problem, but this time I figured out that fuel shut off valve was shutting itself off by vibration and G-force. Fixed that problem and went in line for another run. 5;25pm, finally ran all the way, but 200.688mph. Mooneyes Bonneville Roadster

Monday, 10:40am, we kicked timing up to 38 degrees and 112 main bypass jet. Everything went well. 208.766mph. still not enough for 219.00 record. Second run, got too excited. Missed 4th gear and blower burst plate blew off. Luckily, it didn't do any damage on motor, so replaced burst plate and back in line. Third run for the day at 1:21pm. 910.912mph. still ways to record.

Tuesday, boys from Moon Cafe Italy showed up. First time for them on salt. We decided to put them in back of push truck and have them watch car run. 1:30pm, made another run. 210.610mph. still not good enough, but Italian boys were very excited to see car run from push truck.

Big Jim Dunn of Jim Dunn Racing was there, and got some advice from him. Decided to change Quick Change gear to 3.30 to 1 and let the motor do the work.

Mooneyes Bonneville Roadster Wednesday, gear was changed and running on 5% Nitro. 8:32am, motor pulled good through out all gears, but felt little vibration coming in at 4th mile, but didn’t want to back it out now. 220.898mph. it’s good for record run next morning, but I was little worried about that vibration. Pulled valve covers off and found one rocker arm stud just backed out of head. We locktite the stud and hoped it’ll last for record run.

Thursday, 7:00am, officials escort all record run vehicles to their staging. Started motor and went for record. First gear about 7,500rpm, one of intake valve snapped right off just below keepers. Although wasn't able to back up yesterday's run for record, we found right gear and tire combination I think it's good for record. We'll repair what's necessary and go back in October for World Final.

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