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Noluck Racing
Noluck Racing
Torco products used: Engine: SR-5r 5W50 Transmission: RTF

Noluck Racing Noluck Racing Noluck Racing Noluck Racing Noluck Racing Noluck Racing Noluck Racing Noluck Racing

Noluck Racing Noluck Racing

Import Face Off in Bakersfield, CA at Famoso Raceway
It was another great event held by Import Face Off in Bakersfield, CA at Famoso Raceway. It was an awesome event with lots of great racing and fast passes from our fellow racers.

We were coming into this race with a new HaltechECU which we were excited to use. Unfortunately we couldn't do any testing before hand as we had just dropped in a new motor and dynoed the weekend before. During the motor break in process, we used the Torco TBO premium break in oil. Once on the dyno and the race track, we switched to the Torco SR-5r 5w40 oil.

Our dyno session a week before went great and all we had to play with was the traction control once we got on the track. It took us several passes until we were finally able to get a good clean run on our fourth pass. It was a little too late as we were bumped out the first round as the car bogged out the hole on our third pass of the day. We were left chasing and couldn't catch up to get the win on that round.

We took the car into the test and tune lane for the last pass and what a feeling of relief as it left the line much better than it had the whole day. It went through the gears perfectly with just a lot of wheel spin in 2nd gear. It clocked in with a time of 9.3 and we were happy to finally get a clean run so we can look over the data and make adjustments on our next track date. Hopefully a few more test passes and we can be in the 8's consistently the next time out.


Team Name: Noluck Racing
Established: 2008
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Driver: Jeremy Bretschneider
Crew Chief: Randy Reginaldo
Co Crew Chief/Wheel and Tire: Victor Forster
Track Support/Starting Line Duties: John Catapang
Track Support/Starting Line Duties: Alex Abarca
Transport Driver/Starting Line Duties: Nacho Abarca
Social Media Manager/Public Relations: Wil Navarro
Car: 1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe
Class: SFWD
Engine: 2.0L B18C1 GSR Turbo
Horsepower: 1200whp
Best ET: 9.12
Best MPH: 169.98

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