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Luis Martinez Racing

Rare JDM - Infiniti G35

Torco products used: Engine: SR-5 5w40 • Trans and Diff SGO 75W90 • Diff LSD Additive

Car Specs for 2011

Engine / Performance
• Wiseco 11.5:1 96mm Forged Pistons
• ARP Main/Rod/Head bolts
• Cosworth CNC Ported Big Valve Cylinder Heads
• Cosworth 96mm Head Gaskets
• Rare JDM 5AT Transmission Cooler Kit
• Rare JDM Fluids Cover
• Rare JDM CAI Closed Box
• Uprev Osiris Tuned by Church Automotive
• Apex'I N1 ExTi Exhaust
• Motordyne 1/2" Plenum Spacer
• Eagle Forged Rods
• Nismo Oil Pump
• ARC Oil Pan
• Torco SR-5 5w40 Racing Oil
• Cosworth ZK2 Camshafts
• Rare JDM Rear Differential Cooler
• Rare JDM Headlight Air Duct
• Rare JDM Battery Relocation Kit
• Full Engine Wire Tuck
• Berk Technology HF Catalytic Convertors

Suspension / Brakes / Drive train
• Rare JDM Rear Strut Tower Bar
• 4.08 Final Drive
• Torco SGO racing gear oil and Torco LS Additive
• Project Mu B-Force Pads
• SPC Rear Camber Kit
• Zeal Function V6 Coilovers, 16kg/12kg
• Nismo GT 1.5 Way LSD
• Stillen Sway Bars
• Stoptech Steel Braided Brake Lines

Wheels & Tires Street (Track, Street Class/Autocross)
• 18" SSR Type-F, 189.5 +22 / 1810.5 +25
• Hankook RS-3, 245/40R18, 275/35R18

• Rare JDM Paddle Shifter Conversion
• SPA Design MFM400s Fire System
• Sparco Pro 2000 Seat
• Gutted and Seam Welded
• L-Con Roll Cage (Time Attack Legal)
• Sparco 6pt Harness

• Kuruma Z G-Spec Front Bumper
• Custom Authentic Top Secret FG Hood
• Rare JDM Aluminum Under tray
• Matte Black Vinyl Wrap
• Kuruma Z G-Spec Rear Diffuser
• Authentic Impul Sides
• Rare JDM Prototype Sunroof Plug
• APR GTC-200 Rear Wing

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