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National City Motorcycle - National City CA

Rascon Motorsports and 356 GTR Parts - Huntington Beach, CA
RasconMotors.com & 356gtr.com


Rascon Motorsports
For over 22 years, Rascon Motorsports has specialized in Air Cooled Volkswagen performance and restoration. Their dedicated team works meticulously to keep your VW on the road, track, dirt or any other terrain. They do so by repairing, restoring, or servicing your VW. With a proven track record, they are able to point their customers in the right direction for their specific needs, whether it is a vintage 1300 or a 350 Horsepower Turbo Motor. There is no other place that can provide you with the quality, dedication, and experience that the crew at Rascon Motorsports can provide. They are passionate and dedicated to all of their projects.

356 GTR Parts
356 GTR Parts is dedicated to offering premium quality, high performance parts for the Air Cooled Volkswagen and 356 Speedster Replica. Their innovative, highly engineered, and proven designs will transform a stock car into a powerful, well balanced car. With engine boosting power well beyond the original specification, they offer suspension, brakes, and other components to provide a safer, better handling car. 356 GTR Parts can help you create a car that is a thrill to drive on a winding mountain road and yet well behaved for the daily commute.

15542 Computer Lane, Suite B
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Phone: (562) 743-5732

Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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