Rehab Off-road

Rehab Off-road

Torco products used: Engine: TR-1R 20W-50


2015 SNORE Battle at Primm Race Review
We arrived in Primm, Nevada, to do battle with one of the biggest Class 5 Unlimited turnouts in years. 15 cars were signed up for qualifying on Friday. Seems the new engine option that was adopted late last year has brought out new talent and new vehicles who have made the switch to the new 4 cylinder Chevy Ecotek platform.

The racecourse was set to go with six 11-mile laps on a combination of stadium short course and desert terrain. We were drawn to start the qualifying heat first and laid down a solid time of 3:05:42 for the four-mile event. That was good enough to win us the pole position for Saturday’s race by two seconds.

rehab off road racing On Saturday, we would start in Heat No. 4 with Class 10 cars in front (25), followed by 12 cars (10), and the 5 Unlimiteds, then 3000 and trophy lites. All of the top qualifying drivers would be able to start alone on the line and 20 seconds in front of the next row of cars that were three wide. As the flag dropped on Saturday, we quickly caught the pack of Class 12 cars and worked our way up into the fast Class 10 cars. I could see that I wasn’t alone out in front as another 5 car was eagerly approaching from behind. We pushed through the slower traffic and maintained the lead for the first five of the six laps. With about three miles left to go, the engine starts to pop and sputter and loses some power. Crap! I said, “Tell me this is not happening!” We managed to cross the finish line first, but then lost the win on corrected time. I was still very happy with the second place finish for the day. We still had a chance for the win, as it was a two-day combined event.

Post race we got the car cleaned up, checked for cracks in the chassis and loose nuts and bolts, and then we went looking for our motor issues. The gas tank was topped off and we went on the course for some test laps. It seemed as if nothing was wrong and we were ready to race on Sunday.

On Sunday, we started three wide on the front row, and I’m sitting in the middle of a big muddy hole as the green flag drops. The winner from Saturday leaves off the line like I have four flat tires. I knew I had my work cut out for me. We enter the second corner, and I’m able to get a tire in on the leader, and he spins out and almost spins us around too. I pass him, and I’m able to get straightened out and keep the pedal down without looking back. Again, we catch the 12 cars and begin working ourselves around the 10 cars. Suddenly, I feel a tap on my back bumper. It’s my competition trying to go around us. We ended up exchanging positions for the lead about three to four times in the first five laps. Coming into the last lap, we are leading the race. What do you know, the pop and sputter is back. Nooooo! This time I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” We lost about 15 seconds and finished second for the day. We finished second for the weekend off by 28 seconds.

Post race we discovered our fuel pickup inside the gas tank had moved and was gulping down air as we would go into a hard corner. We packed up and headed home before the overall results were in, as the race had two more heats to go in the day. Here is where things become UNBELIEVABLE. Here are the results of the overall standings against all other classes of vehicles from very limited to the completely unlimited trophy trucks:

There was only one trophy truck faster than us There were two Class 1 Unlimited cars faster than us There were two Class 10 cars faster than us And only one Class 5 faster than us … but that won’t happen again. We finished with a 7th overall against the entire field of 250+ entries!

Yep! 105” wheel base, 4 cylinder Ecotek, 4-speed transmission. One of the best finishes by a Class 5 car in YEARS.

Team: Rehab Off-Road

Owner/Driver John Willard

Co- Driver Rich Waite

Vehicle: 2014 Class 5 Unlimited

Race Series: Snore and More Pro Series Racing

They just wrapped up the Class 5 Championship in the 2014 SNORE Series. Pretty amazing since it was their first year showing in the class.

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