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flathead ford engine Dennis Piranio & Craig Arden - Model A Flathead engine
Dennis Piranio & Craig Arden are long time drag racers who recently added Bonneville Land Speed Racing to their venues.

To make our introduction to the salt a bit more challenging, we chose the Vintage class which drastically limits available horsepower. In order to squeeze every ounce of power out of our 82 year old flat head Model A Ford engine, we did a comprehensive Torco Oil test on our dyno, using a very repeatable hot rod street engine. After consulting with Ernie Soliz at Torco Oil, we tested 50 wt. TR-1 mineral racing oil, 20-50 SR-5 Synthetic racing oil, 10-40 SR-1 racing oil and 5-40 SR-5 racing oil.

We ran each dyno test with the exact same tune up in the engine, and the same operating temperatures for the water & oil. The only change for each test was the selection of oil.

Racing Mineral oil 100% Synthetic Racing oil We started with the 50 TR-1 & progressed to the 5-40 SR-5. What we learned is that we picked up a horsepower or two for each grade and an overall peak increase of 8% !!

This was a much larger gain than we ever expected!

Thank you and congratulations on developing such wonderrful products & sharing your expertice with us.

Dennis Piranio & Craig Arden

Motocross racing oil Gary LaPlante - MotoCross
Personally I have been using Torco Racing Oils since I started riding dirt bikes at 10 years old, and that was 44 years ago!  Professionally I have been using Torco in all MotoVentures motorcycles since I started the company in 1999, and that’s 13 years and more than100 motorcycles ago!

At MotoVentures we use Torco T-4MXR 15W40 in all our Yamaha 4-stroke motocross bikes, dual sport bikes, and off-road bikes, and we have never had a single oil related engine problem or even needed to adjust a single valve!  We use Torco GP-7 Smokeless 2-Stroke Oil in all our 2-stroke motocross bikes, trials bikes, personal watercraft, and chain saws, and have never fouled a spark plug or seized and engine.

Of course we also use other fine Torco products like their MTF, RFF, waterproof grease, engine assembly lube, contact cleaner, penetrating lubricant, and silicone detailing spray… GP-7 2 Stroke racing oil all with the same results; superior performance and reliability.

I’m happy to recommend Torco products to anyone… and always will.

Gary LaPlante
MotoVentures President

honda s2000 Racing oil SR-5 in a 500hp Honda S2000
Shawn Church here from Church Automotive Testing. Just wanted to relay a story to you about some Torco product that I thought you might appreciate.

My personal weekend car is a 2000 Honda S2000. I bought it new almost 12 years ago and it has made the progression from a daily driver to a fully modified weekend canyon carver and occasional track toy. It is currently supercharged with a Kraftwerks kit running about 16 psi of boost, fueled with E85, and full engine management from Hondata. The internals of the motor are all stock with the exception of some aftermarket camshafts from IPS. It still passes smog and produces just under 500 hp at the wheels.

Over the years I've tried just about every oil under the sun. Non-synthetic, synthetic, ester, single weight race oil, etc. Outside of a few oils I decided I wouldn't use based upon their performance, I'd never really seen much difference from any of them. The engine would always burn about 1 qt every 1500-2000 miles of regular use, or a half-quart minimum with one day (100 miles) at the track - despite high performance PCV valves, catch tanks, etc. Strangely enough, despite having worked with you guys several times in the past, I had never used one of your oils, I guess because the testing was always blind and I didn't want to have any bias so I never asked which oil was which.

Anyways, with close to 85000 miles on the engine now, and a good 20000 of that on the track or at high rpm in some other venue, I had noticed my oil consumption starting to edge up (possibly due to dilution from the E85). I had already moved up to a 40wt oil from another manufacturer (with a color in their name) but nothing was helping with the oil consumption. I then decided to move up to a 50wt oil with the expectation that I might lose a little fuel economy and perhaps some power too. During my search I came across Torco SR-5 5w50 synthetic. The specs on paper looked great and since I only put about 6-8k miles a year on the car these days, I figured that a race oil would be fine, so I bought a case of 12 quarts from a local distributor (Amber Fuels) and went for it.

After the oil change, the first thing I noticed when we started the car and warmed it up was that the engine noise was substantially reduced. In all my years and oils with this car, I'd never experienced this. I chalked it up to the heavier oil and forgot about it. Next, we put it on the dyno. I was certain I was going to lose at least 5 hp at the wheels, maybe more given the viscosity increase with the new oil. After getting things up to temp and making my first dyno pull, I was shocked to see that my power had actually gone up by about 5 hp. I was now making more power than ever before on this engine. We made a few more passes and the power was extremely stable. Checking the dipstick showed that the oil looked and smelled good as well.

The reason I was changing the oil at this time was because I had a track day the following week. After the good results on the dyno, I was hopeful that I could reduce my consumption, but wondered if the higher power didn't suggest otherwise. I took the car out to the Streets of Willow Springs for a full day of lapping. I did 4 sessions of 8-9 laps each for a total of about 65 miles on track, plus 220 miles of driving to and from the race track. I checked oil before I left, after each track session and after I returned. I even checked again the next day. And, while a dipstick is not a precise measuring device, I saw no oil consumption. Zero, zip, nada. I'm sure I burned a little bit, but the amount was so small as to be negligible. Great for any car on the track, but for this car in particular, simply awesome. I don't know much about how an oil is supposed to allow optimal piston ring function as you claim (or sub-optimal for the other guys), but it sure seems to work.

So, consider this a note of thanks from me, as well as a facepalm on my part for not trying your stuff sooner. I may even try and move down to a 40wt and see if that holds up and returns even more power, but at this point I couldn't be happier with the SR-5 oil. I have a number of customers with older S2000s as well that often experience oil pressure drops on track as their oil heats up, especially with aftermarket oil coolers and such that increase overall oil volume and tax the pump. This leads to VTEC not activating and a loss of performance. I plan on recommending they try Torco SR-5 immediately to help with that problem. Thanks a million and if you'd like to use this letter, please feel free to circulate it.

Shawn Church
Church Automotive Testing

Bisimoto Bisimoto on TBO
After investing your hard earned money into your engine build it is a must to use the proper lubricant to start up and break in your engine.

Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil will allow you to properly and safely break in your setup on the dyno in under one hour to be then replaced with a full synthetic premium oil such as Torco SR-5 for your power pulls.

Torco TBO Premium Break-in Oil is a blend of hydro-processed petroleum base stocks that clean and prepare new surfaces. Since the first start up of a new engine is critical to its life expectancy, TBO utilizes specially selected additives in order to protect vital race engine parts during the first startup. TBO cleansing agents “scrub down” any contaminants left in new engines from TBO the production process and assure good cleansing of freshly machined parts. Using protective anti-wear chemistry allows mating surfaces to gently make contact during first new startup.

Bisi Ezerioha

High performace snowmobile oil Synthetic Snowmobile Oil
Chris Carlson of Sportech Racing.
I wanted to share with you the outstanding results that we've been experiencing with our Torco products. I've been very impressed with the quality and consistency of the lubricants, and it's comforting to know that we are using the very best technology available. We've had outstanding results with the Torco SSO synthetic snowmobile oil. We have seen a definite improvement in piston and ring wear on our race engines. I've been watching closely as we perform our regular engine maintenance, and there's no question that we've seen an improvement in piston and ring life. When we do change pistons and rings, I've been amazed at how clean everything looks. We're seeing fewer carbon deposits, less heat-induced scoring and an overall improvement in durability. I've been saving the pistons and showing some of the other teams in the pits. SSO SYNTHETIC SNOWMOBILE 2-CYCLE OIL One of the top Arctic Cat factory team owners was absolutely amazed at the condition of our pistons after several grueling races. We did a comparison with one of his pistons with the same amount of hours of use, and the difference was literally remarkable. I'll continue to document the success that we are experiencing and I'll gladly share any data that I have with you.

Chris Carlson
Sportech Racing

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